Inland tourism as a great bet for de-escalation in the Community of Madrid

The regional executive promotes proximity destinations to help the sector after the Covid-19.

EIn the 8,022 square kilometers of extension that the Community of Madrid draws on the map there are always unknown corners and places to rediscover. A total of 179 municipalities that are the bastion of customs, history and tradition of a region as culturally rich as it is diverse and which, in 2019, managed to attract 7.9 million international tourists. In the context of crises that Covid-19 has fostered, the notion of time and space have changed radically for most.

For this reason and taking advantage of the exceptional situation that limits the movements of Madrid residents during this de-escalation, the regional executive has launched a campaign to promote “proximity tourism” as the best option within the opportunities that the following phases will provide. Under the motto “Together we are a better Madrid”, the objective is “to recover the image of the Madrid region as an attractive and safe destination after the tourist break caused by the Covid-19 crisis.”

In a promotion plan, it focuses its efforts on 750 impacts, through five types of 30-second spots on 19 regional stations. “In them, the inhabitants of different municipalities of the Community talk about what they like about other places in Madrid and invite them to visit them, thus showing the plurality and diversity of the region, but also the empathy and values of working together to revitalize tourism », they point out.

Likewise, a joint initiative is being launched in collaboration with local entities and their tourism entrepreneurs that unites tourism and cultural promotion, whose objective is to bring cultural actions and activities to the towns of Madrid as one more incentive to their tourist resources.

Finally, the world heritage, the eleven Villas of Madrid and the natural landscapes that the region treasures will be promoted from the tourism social networks of the Community of Madrid (@TurismoMadrid on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and the website In these online spaces, the signs of identity of these resources will be “valued” and routes and tourist visits will be proposed.

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