Hundreds of social organizations under the umbrella of Fridays for Future, 2020 Climate Rebellion and Climate Alliance call for global action on climate on April 24

. The organizations call the citizens to a demonstration for the weather next Friday, April 24 at 10pm by casting shadows and sounds from the balconies
. In a joint manifesto, the organizations point out that the way out of the health crisis must be carried out in a fair and sustainable way.

April 15, 2020

In the context of the current health emergency and the subsequent economic outflow, hundreds of social organizations under the umbrella of Fridays For Future, 2020 Climate Rebellion and Climate Alliance call citizens to global action for climate next Friday April 24 at 10pm to demand a return that places the environment and people at the center and takes into account criteria of social and climatic justice. To do this, organizations invite a demonstration through projections of shadows and sounds on facades that will be reflected in the networks through photos and videos of them.

Convinced that each crisis is a crisis and should be treated as such, the convening organizations are aware that this is not the time to interfere in or to detract from the pandemic and, therefore, this call promoted by the Fridays for Future collective around the world under the framework of “Global Strike for Climate”, places its center on facades and networks and calls for reflection and laying the foundations for future, more concrete and forceful actions.

The climate crisis remains a reality and, despite being formally declared by many institutions, it is still not recognized as such by some leaders, who choose to ignore scientific indications through guilty inaction.

“Humanity is facing an unprecedented climate emergency in which it is also necessary to act with the responsibility of protecting life in the first place. Global warming is a direct consequence of the production and consumption model that risks survival as a species, as it is based on the unlimited exploitation of natural resources, unfairly impacting the poorest and most vulnerable populations ”, the organizations point out in the manifesto.

This defense of survival must lead governments to assume the state of climate emergency and, therefore, take ambitious and drastic measures. Acting forcefully today in the face of the climate emergency will prevent the worst environmental and social impacts in the future.

For this reason, the organizations propose to get out of current immobility and transform economic activity in a climate and socially just way. In the manifesto, they point out the actions that should be carried out taking into account two basic principles:

. From a climatic point of view, face a drastic reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions, in line with scientific indications and achieving neutrality as quickly as possible.
. From the social point of view, absolutely priority consideration of vulnerable people and groups, guaranteeing for them decent living conditions

Manifesto # AcciónGlobalPorElClima24A

Accession form # AcciónGlobalPorElClima24A

Support form with materials (projectors, speakers …) to coordinate the #GlobalByElClima24A–Pw/viewform

Fridays for Future – Youth for Climate

Young ecologists movement. It arises in Europe and arrives in our country in February 2019 with the intention of demanding that the political class take urgent measures to mitigate global warming. We organize ourselves to achieve a transition in the face of the climate crisis. | ig: @juventudxclima

2020 Climate Rebellion

European campaign made up of more than 30 organizations that demand climate justice. Its objective is to make connections between the different struggles and help groups and movements to intensify their actions in a strategic and coordinated way. |

Alliance for Climate

It was born in early 2015 in the heat of the debates and initiatives prior to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) that gave rise to the Paris Agreement. It is made up of more than 400 organizations representing the environmental, union, agrarian, development cooperation, science and research and consumer movements.

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